Andorra, Pas de la Casa

Feb 2005 and Jan 2006


Such a great little place, with plenty of varied terrain for all abilities. I was chomping at the bit so I thought I'd get a sneaky run in while everyone was getting ready. The snow was still a bit hard but I still decided to do a black run as a warm up - mistake! Keep in mind I was a relative beginner back then and I caught an edge and nearly ripped my neck off. Needless to say I was a little more conservative for the rest of the trip!

I was lucky enough to hang with a local on both trips (thanks Frank!) who took me off some gnarly places (especially considering my intermediate level). It was great riding with Frank and my ex-work colleagues from London. My good friend Sean joined me on one trip as well and we had an awesome time, even if we had some collisions with other riders during our trip. Sometimes cat tracks can be quite dangerous in traffic no matter how careful you are!

Loved the food and atmosphere here - seems a little more laid back than the other more popular resorts in Europe. We stayed in Llivia, Spain, which is such a quaint little Spanish town. Great night life and food - plenty of locals so you really feel like you're getting away from it. We also had a few nights out in Puigcerda (it's only a 10 min drive from Llivia and has some great bars). Llivia is only about a 40 min drive from Pas de la Casa and well worth it if you don't want to stay on the hill. 


Riding buddies: Jen, Frank, Sean, John, Adam, Blanca, Meritxell and Matt.

Lilvia, Spain

Lilvia, Spain

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