The Early Days
Delirium Dive - Sunshine Village, Banff

Delirium Dive - Sunshine Village, Banff

We've all gone through it, that question we ask ourselves when we're first starting out - is it worth it? Your butt is bruised, your wrists hurt, you've seen stars at least 3 times in the last hour because you've caught your heel edge and your head slams hard against the ice...

But something inside you knows that this is possibly the best sport in the world and you know it's going to pay dividends if you can just hang in there. You know one day you'll be as good as those pesky little kids who carve past you like they've been born on a snowboard and have no care in the world. One day you swear you'll be the one doing the carving and then bang, you catch your toe edge and face plant. Well that day may come but it's not today!

Fast forward a couple of seasons and those early days are long forgotten and you're only reminded when you ride past a beginner who's leafing down a blue run with a look of terror on their face. And you smile for two reasons, 1. You know how much fun awaits that beginner; and 2. You're so happy you pushed through those days and now you get to explore the mountains via the funnest way possible.

And each time you strap in it feels so good to know that you're going to ride some new terrain, take in some breathtaking views, breathe some clear alpine air or try a new trick or technique you've been youtubing the hell out of.

Whether you're a skier (downhill or telemark), snowboarder, sledder or snowshoe walker, nothing beats that feeling of being in the mountains.

Welcome to my first blog! I started skiing in the mid 90's in Australia and changed to snowboarding by the late 90's. I loved skiing but something about 'boarding had me intrigued and I've been riding ever since (I really want to become a competent skier too so I'm hoping that before too long I'll be jumping on skis again). I'm guessing you've visited our blog because you share the same passion for snow and travel so we hope we can keep you entertained and inspired as we share our adventures and stories.

Enjoy the journey!


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Mick is a lover of speed runs and hitting every feature on the mountain. Ex road bike and motocross racer with plans to dabble in mountain bike racing. Spends a lot of time looking at fast cars and bikes. Jen’s instagram model and selfie camera holder due to long arms. Sometimes an optometrist.