Join Us At GoSnow's First Annual Freestyle Trip - Exclusive Offer

GoSnow, an app which connects skiers and snowboarders, is launching their first annual trip this year in Queenstown and we're going! The annual trip is all about improving your skills on the mountain, particularly in freestyle. 

We're massive advocates of ski and snowboard lessons. I remember taking an advanced snowboarding lesson way back during my first season in Banff, and I felt like it took me from zero to hero! That's a big call, but let's say it took me out of what I would consider beginner mode into much more technical riding. Places where I would previously be hesitant to go, were no longer an issue and I was able to ride down any part of the mountain (on and off-piste) without fear. Maybe not gracefully, mind you, but with confidence.

Whilst we were in Colorado last season, Mick took a freestyle course twice (he loved it that much), and again it took him to a whole new level in the park. At face level, freestyle lessons are about learning to do jumps, tricks and ride features. But the skills you learn, like better control and movement are skills that you will take with you in all mountain riding and skiing.  Although I consider myself a reasonably good rider, it's time to step up my game!

mick doing a snowboard jump

We're back in Australia in August and the GoSnow freestyle trip caught our eye. We went from thinking, 'what a great looking trip' to 'we need to be there'! There are so many things that we like about it:

  • It's 6 days straight of lessons so you really get to reinforce and practice what you have learnt.
  • It caters for all levels. I haven't really attempted a lot of freestyle, but Mick has, so it's great that they offer lessons which are suitable for all abilities. In fact, as long as you can confidently turn down a blue run, you'll be able to get in on one of these classes.
  • We don't have to worry about accommodation, transportation or lift passes. We'll even have a private shuttle to the mountains as well as airport transfers. Love it! 
  • There is access to a health coach. We're big on health and fitness, it's a big reason that we can do the things we do, so we're pretty excited to see that we have the opportunity to learn how to prep for the trip.
  • It's about community, the essence of what the GoSnow app is all about. As founder, Sean Bellerby puts it, "GoSnow believes that each and every human has infinite possibilities to live an amazing life. We are here to be happy, to have fun, and to do what we love. Skiing and snowboarding is an amazing opportunity for people to explore the limitless human potential within ourselves and all around us."

There are two sessions, the first from 17 - 24 September 2016 and the second from 24 September - 1 October 2016. There is also the option to book in for both sessions. The current price is early bird pricing which is $USD1800 and expires on the 10th June. After this time, pricing goes up to $1900.

We have partnered up with GoSnow to offer our readers an extra $100 off!

So, who wants to join us in Queenstown, New Zealand this year?

For more details, check out the video from GoSnow founders and link below. And if you do decide to join us on this epic trip, make sure you mention The Snow Chasers in the 'how did you hear about us' section and you'll get an extra $100 off. Feel free to send us an email too so that we can chat before the trip. 

Jen spends most of her time following Mick around the mountain, often unintentionally off jumps and cliff drops. Currently on a mission to prove that you’re never too old to try freestyle. Aside from snowboarding, a little obsessed about tattoos, CrossFit, saving animals, learning to play the guitar and clean eating. Web designer and digital marketing nerd.