Sunburst Lodge Bed & Breakfast Review - A Different Kind Of B&B

Sunburst Lodge Bed & Breakfast Review - A Different Kind Of B&B

The view from Sunburst Lodge Bed & Breakfast.

The view from Sunburst Lodge Bed & Breakfast.

We were fortunate enough to be invited to stay at Sunburst Lodge Bed and Breakfast in Casper, Wyoming at the end of April. Sunburst Lodge is located on Casper Mountain which is a short drive from the town of Casper and is rated as one of the top hotels in Casper, Wy. The first thing we noticed was the dramatic change in scenery as we drove up from the bottom of Casper Mountain. There had been a snow storm the night before and as we drove up, the landscape changed from dry land, into a snowy winter wonderland. The road leading up to Sunburst Lodge is windy with plenty of switchbacks and the scenery is spectacular. We wished that we had captured footage of the drive up but we were so caught in the moment that we forgot to. We did get a time lapse of the drive down which is also pretty amazing, so just imagine that in reverse!


To get to Sunburst Lodge, we followed the very comprehensive directions on the website. As we pulled into the freshly ploughed driveway, we saw the beautiful log cabin. We parked our car outside and was greeted by owner Nancy, who welcomed us to Sunburst Lodge. Once we walked into reception, the first thing we thought was ‘wow’. There’s no other word for it. The outside of the lodge is beautiful also, but it really is a wow moment when you walk in. The lodge is open plan and as you walk into the reception area, the first thing you see is the floor to ceiling glass windows which overlooks Nancy’s 150 acre property. Next is the cozy fireplace which warms up the main lounge room, complete with rocking chairs and a small library. The lounge room leads onto the dining area and kitchen. The b & b is made up of four stories and if you have a bit of extra luggage like we did, don’t worry, there is an elevator inside which services all floors.


The basement floor has its own large living space with a large bedroom which sleeps 8, perfect for a family or private meetings. The ground floor also has bedrooms along with the open plan lounge, dining and kitchen. The 1st floor or mezzanine level has more rooms along with a small relaxation area with lounge chairs and a beautiful 425 gallon fish tank. The top level observatory, which has a telescope, is a perfect viewing point for the beautiful surrounds and would also be a great media room as it is closed off and has a large tv.


We stayed in the Evening Star room and the best way to describe it is luxurious. Upon arrival, Nancy turned down our bed and gave us a tour of the lodge and our room. We had a king size bed on a custom made bed frame that we literally had to climb into. There were even steps there to help us! There’s something about climbing into a bed that makes you feel like royalty. The bed had controls on either side so that you could adjust the firmness of the mattress and the bed linen was of high quality. Our bathroom had a spa as well as a shower and the tiled floors were heated which makes a massive difference in the colder weather. The amenities included the usual items you would find, as well as an all natural lip balm which we thought was a really nice touch. Our room also had a gas fireplace heater and falling asleep next to that was such a relaxing experience. The room was decked out with beautiful, yet functional furniture including a rocking chair and lounge. 


We had some lovely coffee and chatted with Nancy and the other guests in the morning whilst breakfast was being prepared. Unlike most B&B’s where you have breakfast between a certain time, breakfast here is at a scheduled time (we agreed on a time that worked for all guests the night before) and everyone sits together. Breakfast was delicious and beautifully presented, we only wished that we had more room. We started off with a selection of fruits, yoghurt and cheese. One of Nancy’s friends who was helping her, suggested that we squeeze a bit of lime onto our fruit to enhance the flavour. It was a great suggestion, if you haven’t tried it, give it a go! Next was pancakes, bacon, ham and eggs. So delicious!

Breakfast in the morning.

Breakfast in the morning.


Nancy isn’t one to blow her own horn so to speak but in the short time that we were there, and through our various interrogation techniques, we concluded that she is an adventurer, an explorer, motivated, loves a good challenge and is driven. Once you see the beautiful architecture and lodge that she single handedly designed, you’ll understand why. Nothing is too much trouble for Nancy and she seems to maintain her 150 acre property with ease. 

Our wonderful host Nancy

Our wonderful host Nancy


What stood out to us the most was the attention to detail at Sunburst Lodge Bed and Breakfast. We later found out that Nancy had designed the entire lodge herself which is so impressive. Almost all the furniture is custom made locally, including all the tables, sofas, bed frames and the many rocking chairs around the lodge. And these aren’t your standard rocking chairs as you can see from the pictures. Even the supporting poles within the lodge have been detailed and decorated with beautiful carvings. Artwork features everywhere throughout the lodge. Each elevator door is painted with one of the four seasons as depicted by a local Casper artist. As you walk up the stairs you will see pencil drawings from another local artist which are mind blowing and carefully placed around the lodge you will see other works of art. We also loved the uplifting quotes on the walls - little reminders for every day life. 

The unique open plan space makes this guesthouse feel very homely. We sat by the fire and chatted with other guests staying at the lodge on the evening of our arrival. In the morning, we were treated to some lovely music before breakfast as one of the guests played the piano for us. Should there not be a piano player available, the piano can actually play itself!

piano player


We visited Sunburst Lodge technically in springtime but the conditions were wintery. Although most people stay at Sunburst Lodge during the warmer months, we (of course) think that it is a perfect winter destination. You can go snowshoeing around Nancy’s property (which we did for the first time), cross country skiing which include world class nordic trails, skiing and snowboarding at local hills during the winter season and snowmobiling. Or you can just enjoy the serenity, relax at the lodge and soak in the amazing views. There are also lots of things to do in Casper itself, Nancy is able to suggest activities for you and there are plenty of tourist brochures available at the bed and breakfast.


We’ve stayed in many bed and breakfasts in our time and Sunburst Lodge was a one of a kind experience. The location at the top of Casper Mountain is spectacular, the drive to get there was stunning and the lodge is just gorgeous. It has that warm and comfortable feel of being in someones home instead of just a place to crash, and you find yourself imagining that you live there. It is laid out perfectly for socialising with your group or meeting other guests but if you want some privacy, there are lots of areas where you can be on your own. Of course, there’s also Nancy, the host behind it all, the host who has managed to create this wonderful luxurious oasis where you feel pampered, relaxed and most of all at home.  

So, on your next visit to Casper, make sure you drop in and say hi to Nancy! You can find Sunburst Lodge Bed & Breakfast at: and on Facebook


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