The Snow Chasers - Join The Community!

Last week, I was searching for tips about snowboarding at Hotham Resort in Australia.

I couldn't find any recent information that was helpful. I'm not talking about information from Hotham themselves, I'm talking about real, non-biased information or tips from skiers and snowboarders. Luckily, I have cousins that live in Melbourne who gave us some tips but it still bothered me that there wasn't a community driven resource available.

How many times have you heard (a little too late) about that awesome deal they had on for Japan? Or the cheap flights to Colorado they had a month ago? Or that awesome package deal they had for New Zealand last week?

That's what prompted me to start a Facebook Group Online Community. It's kind of like a ski and snowboard forum. In fact, I actually searched for a group like this 9 months ago. I thought for sure that there would be one by now, but nope. So for my benefit (and of course yours), here it is. All snow lovers are welcome to join. Just click on the link below, request to join and then you'll be part of this awesome community. Share tips, ask for advice and tell us about any travel deals you have found. Maybe you want to know the best way to get to a resort, or which runs are the best for a beginner. Ask away! 

We hope that this community becomes a helpful resource for everyone and above all fun.

See you there!


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Jen spends most of her time following Mick around the mountain, often unintentionally off jumps and cliff drops. Currently on a mission to prove that you’re never too old to try freestyle. Aside from snowboarding, a little obsessed about tattoos, CrossFit, saving animals, learning to play the guitar and clean eating. Web designer and digital marketing nerd.