Review: Virtuous Skin Repair Cream For Winter Conditions

Review: Virtuous Skin Repair Cream For Winter Conditions

You may wonder why I am writing a product review on skin cream. For any of you who have ever spent time in alpine conditions, you'll know that the change in environment can wreak havoc on your skin. You're spending more time in the elements which can often include extreme wind, cold, snow and double whammy UV from the sun as it reflects off the snow.

When I was contacted by the owner of Virtuous to try her Skin Repair Cream, I jumped at the chance. The Virtuous range has been created by a local New Zealand naturopath and herbalist. The Skin Repair Cream is all natural, chemical free and not tested on animals - attributes that are very important to me. It was perfect timing, as my hands were drier than ever and eczema patches were starting to form.

virtuous skin repair cream


If I were to describe my first thoughts, it would be rich, creamy and full of goodness. I had recently purchased another brand of hand cream which was also natural, chemical free and cruelty free but the two products were chalk and cheese. The other brand absorbed (or maybe disappeared) into my skin but the dryness was still there and within about 5 minutes, it felt as though I hadn't put any cream on at all. The Virtuous Skin Repair Cream, on the other hand, felt very nourishing and healing without leaving an oily residue.

It has a strong herbal smell to it which some people may struggle with, especially if you aren't used to using all natural products. Personally, I would much rather a herbal fragrance if it means no chemicals or perfumes.

Virtuous Skin Repair Cream


Virtuous Skin Repair Cream can be purchased directly online for $39.95NZ. At first, I thought that was expensive but after having used it for a few weeks, I can see why. The cream uses high quality natural ingredients which cost much more than synthetic ingredients. Because of this, you can use a lot less and start seeing results much quicker. After using the cream daily for the last few weeks, my hands are starting to look normal again and the eczema patches are almost completely gone without any assistance from a steroid cream. 

In addition to dry skin, it can be used to treat ageing skin, acne, new scarring, cuts, abrasions, stretch marks, sunburn, windburn, insect bites, stings as well as pigmentation. It can also be used on your face, body and hands. A cream with this many uses is a win-win in my book. It means that it is perfect for travelling and when you're out on the mountain you can use it to protect and repair your skin from the harsh winter environment.

Do you have any tips for taking care of your skin in alpine conditions? Let me know in the comments below!


Head to Virtuous Skincare for more information on their natural skin care range.

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