May 2017

Media Kit

Who are the snow chasers?

We're a husband and wife team from Australia - snow addicts, adventure seekers and travellers. We started The Snow Chasers blog to share our knowledge, tips, experiences and to inspire people to find adventure in their lives. We believe that adventure is everywhere! 

We live and breathe the motto that 'you are never too old' and hope to reverse the ideology that it is too late to start doing or finding the things that you love. We believe in stepping outside of comfort zones and living, not just existing.

Our Audience

The Snow Chasers was launched in December 2015. Our readers come from all over the world, with our top five countries being - USA, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Our readers and followers are highly engaged and we are seeing high quality growth across all channels.

the snow chasers media stats

Let us promote your brand

There are a number of ways that you can partner with us to promote your brand. We consider all opportunities so if you have any other ideas in mind, run them past us!

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Check out some of our work and contact me so that we can do great things together!