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We're Mick and Jen, a husband and wife team from Australia. Our blog is about two of our favourite things - snowboarding and travel! We like to spend the winter in ski towns and the rest of the year doing anything and everything fun. Here on our blog, you'll find travel tips, inspiration and stories from our travels. We believe that you can find adventure anywhere, you just have to look for it! Check out our about us page to find out more about how The Snow Chasers came to be and our story so far.

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We think these posts are a must read! They've helped us to do the things that we love, saved us loads of money and are really popular with our readers.


Our resources page is a collection of our favourite travel links that we use often to save us time and money. Check them out when researching and booking your next holiday. 

The Snow Chasers Community

We've created a global community for skiers and snowboarders on Facebook. It's filled with super knowledgeable people from around the world and a great place to get advice, ask questions and share tips on all things related to skiing and snowboarding. 

Apparel Store

The Snow Chasers apparel is a fun side project of ours. It started out with a good mate of ours who put together a wickedly cool design. We thought, "That will look rad on a t-shirt", so we made some up. People started commenting and asking where they could get one. And so was born our apparel store!

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