We loved our Custom Savage Panda Snowboards so much, we asked the Savage Panda team to do something special for our community... and they have!!

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YOU MAY HAVE HEARD THAT we, at the Snow Chasers, decided to go fully custom!

EVERYONE was asking what the boards were like, how did they ride and were they worth it?  

Our answers are the boards are so light and amazing - they float through powder and YES YES YES they are TOTALLY worth it!!!!!

Introducing the first-ever,
co-branded Savage Panda - THE Snow ChaserS
Fully Custom Snowboard for only $1997!*

In this exclusive offer, you'll not only get your own fully personalised Savage Panda - The Snow Chasers snowboard, you'll also get 3 FREE services at selected Montana outlets across Australia and NZ, AND a t-shirt from The Snow Chasers!

*price is in Australian currency. 10% GST will be added to orders shipped within Australia.

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One of the big things we realised when we started looking for 'custom' boards, is that some companies offer 'customisation' of their existing range.

This is a LOOOONNNGGGGG way from the truly genuine, fully custom experience with Savage Panda Snowboards.

The whole experience and your snowboard couldn’t be more personalised. Even at the initial stages, we understood why we paid the extra bucks.

Savage Panda is fully custom - no predetermined base, camber, core, flex, shape, size or top sheet.

Everything is made from scratch, with YOU at the centre of the design process. . . and if you're thinking you don't know HOW to design your perfect snowboard, don't sweat because Savage Panda have a full suite of questions and knowledge ensuring you get the perfect board for what YOU want.

Let’s look at the difference between the so-called ‘custom’ guys and Savage Panda Snowboards.

The OTHERS only ask about things like:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Foot size
  • Camber

SAVAGE PANDA asks about things like:

  • Ability
  • Riding Style
  • Switch
  • Natural or Goofy
  • Where you ride
  • Terrain preferences
  • Future trips
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Why you snowboard
  • When you ride
  • Edge grip
  • Manoeuverability
  • As well as asking about your height, weight and foot size

There’s also some other secret questions they ask that really unlock WHO you are as a snowboarder so they can make the BEST board just for YOU. No two boards are EVER alike.

You also get at least TWO personalised design consultations like we did - for both your board AND its artwork so that the board they design and hand craft for you is a TOTAL reflection of you, what you want to be, and love about being a snowboarder.

And, as we've personally experienced, the difference is HUGE.  That's why your new board will also carry our The Snow Chasers logo - because we want you to have what we've had.

Isn't it time that you ride a snowboard that is a total reflection of who you are and aspire to be as a snowboarder?


STEP 1: Simply decide from 2 easy payment options below.

STEP 2: Click on the link, choose your payment option and tell Savage Panda all about your snowboarding.

STEP 3: Start dreaming of your dream board - it's about to become a reality!

STEP 4: Watch your mates turn GREEN with envy!

Check out the links below for more information and watch our video below on the moment we saw our Savage Panda snowboards for the first time.

If you have any questions about going custom - anything at all, please send us an email: info@thesnowchasers.com

Savage Panda and The Snow Chasers snowboards on rack

Option 1: Drop In

You're standing on the edge, clipped in and ready to go . . . now send it!

If you'd like your board to arrive as soon as humanly possible, click below to secure your unique, personalised Savage Panda - The Snow Chasers snowboard with the special The Snow Chasers price ($1,997 plus GST) and you are guaranteed to be at the front of the queue and start shredding your favourite mountain on your custom board within weeks.

$1997 AUD + GST and you will jump the queue in our production schedule.
GST is only payable if shipping within Australia.
Free Shipping in Australia and New Zealand.


Option 2: Stretch It Out 

If you'd prefer to warm up with a few easy runs before you let loose. . .

Then click below for 2 easy payments of only $998.50 plus GST, which not only secures your unique, personalised Savage Panda - The Snow Chasers snowboard, it gives you payment flex as well.  We'll get your design consultation underway and you can pay off your board as it's being created by the Savage Panda Snowboards master craftsmen.

2 payments of $998.50 + GST over 2 months. 
Total Amount Paid Today $998.50 AUD + GST.
GST is only payable if shipping within Australia.
Free Shipping in Australia and New Zealand