The Fourth Phase World Premiere - Are You Ready?

The Fourth Phase World Premiere - Are You Ready?

Travis Rice's new film 'The Fourth Phase' has to be the most anticipated snowboarding film of all time. The hype behind it has been incredible! We've been eagerly waiting for its release since I first wrote about it back in December last year. We've heard some awesome things from those who have been lucky enough to get to one of the local premiere events.

The global online premiere is this Sunday 2nd October at 9pm (pre-show at 8.30pm), in your local time zone. And it's FREE. Thanks Red Bull TV! We'll be watching it in Emerald, Queensland so hit us up if you're around.

In case you're not already amped for the premiere, here's a collection of stuff from The Fourth Phase that's going nuts on the interweb.


In this 26 minute video, Travis Rice talks about the idea behind The Fourth Phase, the future of snowboarding and getting arrested in Russia.

GoPro Raw Footage

A clip into some of the raw action from The Fourth Phase. Travis Rice and Eric Jackson drop in for what they term as the first-ever, ‘spine-line brovie’ in Alaska.

Kishi Bashi - The Man Behind The Music

No snowboarding film is complete without an epic soundtrack. The Fourth Phase features an original score by Kishi Bashi - singer, songwriter and multiple instrumentalist. Check out what goes into making music for a film in the video below. Fans of M83 will be pleased to hear that they are back with the song ‘Un Nouveau Solei’. More on The Fourth Phase soundtrack here.

Check Out The Cast In GIF

There are some big names in this movie. Here's Mark Landvik sending it in Alaska.  Check them all out here.


Instagram is going nuts at the moment leading up to the premiere. Here's the top posts from #TheFourthPhase

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Watch The art of flight

Red Bull has released The Art Of Flight on their channel for free. How good is that? If you haven't watched it already you should and if you have, then watch it again! Click here to watch The Art Of Flight. 

Final tease

And finally, in case you haven't seen the trailer (really?), here it is again. Bring it on!!!

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