Listed below are our favourite travel resources that we love and use often. Check back here before you book your next trip. We're always updating it!

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We love the Booking.com site and used it all the time. Great for finding and comparing cheap hotels and other accommodation. It's super easy to use, you don't have to sign up to book a room and there are up to date reviews. There are also no additional booking fees, free cancellation and most of the time you pay the hotel upon arrival.

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Why did we not know about this sooner? That's what we said when we discovered HotelsCombined. We used to visit a bunch of different websites to find the best price for accommodation, but these guys do all the work for you. No booking fees or markups, so the best price is guaranteed. Really easy to use and you can filter hotels based on your requirements. 



Airbnb is a great alternative to hotels and motels. Owners rent our their spare rooms or entire homes/apartments. You get all the comforts of home and can discover some great areas off the beaten track. Get $40 off your first booking.



HomeAway is vacation rental website similar to Airbnb where you are connected directly with the owner, but rentals are for the entire apartment. Usually for longer stays but we have used this for 1-2 night stays also. We've found great accommodation through this site.



Couchsurfing lets you stay on someones couch or spare room or for free. We never thought that we would find ourselves couch surfing, but we loved it! We've even had entire apartments to ourselves. It's a great way of truly experiencing the area and getting tips from the locals. And we've made lifelong friends too.

Travel Insurance

world nomads (Global) 

World Nomads has competitive pricing, is very flexible and is available to people from over 150 countries. It’s designed for adventurous travellers with cover for a range of adventure sports and activities. We love that you can extend your policy whilst you are still travelling and you can even purchase it after your trip has already begun. The also cover heli-skiing, off piste and cat skiing. 

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ski insurance (australia)

We used Ski Insurance on our most recent trip as it was by far the best value for us. We needed to have coverage for 9 months, and it had to include off-piste, heli-skiing and cat skiing. What we also liked is that you can add in the heli-ski option later as long as it is within 24 hours prior to going heli-skiing. There is also basic cover available if you think you'll be staying on piste.



We've found the 1Cover policy to be the best value insurance for skiing and snowboarding for New Zealanders. The winter pack includes heli-ski and off piste as standard. They do charge double excess though if you make a claim as a result of skiing or snowboarding so something to keep an eye on. Friends of ours had to make a claim through this policy and had a very positive experience.

worldcare (australia)

Worldcare is a really good basic insurance policy. We, and friends of ours have had to make claims through this policy before and have had good experiences. This policy will not cover you for off-piste, heli or any freestyle action though. It also requires that the resort is above 1000m and that your trip is taken within a certain date period. If you're looking for basic coverage, this is a good option.

Car Hire

auto europe

Auto Europe isn't just for car hire in Europe. They are a comparison site for care hire and service 180 countries. We love that they have free cancellation up to 48 hours before pick up, 24/7 assistance and guarantee that the car is ready when you arrive.



Probably one of the best innovations in recent times. Uber is the modern day taxi service and operates in most countries around the world. Book through an app, which uses GPS to track your location, choose your driver based on ratings and get a fare estimate. No more unexpected surprises. We love Uber. Give it a go, we think you'll love it. If you're in Australia, you can get $10 off each of your first two rides using this promo code: PCB8P 



Skyscanner is an awesome way to compare flights across hundreds of airlines. We love that you can set up alerts for price drops and you can also display prices over the month, letting you choose the best dates to travel.



Transferwise is a borderless account - you can have bank accounts all over the world without having to open a real bank account abroad. It supports multiple currencies so you can hold money in over 40+ currencies, and convert between them at the real exchange rate whenever you need. You get bank details (like account numbers, bank codes and IBANs) issued by TransferWise so you can receive money in different currencies around the world with zero fees. Cheap fixed fee (e.g. 50p for GBP) to withdraw money from your borderless account to another bank account with the same currency. Sign up with this link for a free international transfer of up to 900 GBP.


The most cost effective way to transfer funds internationally is not through your bank. We use a company called OFX for all of our transfers. We’ve secured a special offer where you don’t pay any bank fees and you typically save an additional 3% over your banks or cards exchange rate.

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