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Hi and welcome!

We’re Mick & Jen, a couple of Australians who are passionate about living the best life we can. That means different things to everyone. For us, it is about good health, being surrounded by good company, travelling and finding new adventures.

Who Are We?



Mick is a lover of speed runs and hitting every feature on the mountain. Ex road bike and motocross racer with plans to dabble in mountain bike racing. Spends a lot of time looking at fast cars and bikes. Jen’s instagram model and selfie camera holder due to long arms. Sometimes an optometrist.



Jen spends most of her time following Mick around the mountain, often unintentionally off jumps and cliff drops. Currently on a mission to prove that you’re never too old to try freestyle. Aside from snowboarding, a little obsessed with tattoos, CrossFit, saving animals, learning to play the guitar and clean eating. Web designer and digital marketing nerd.

Our Story


Whilst living in the UK, we both discovered a common love for snowboarding and found ourselves planning snowboard trips at every opportunity. It’s a very cool thing to have your significant other love something as much as you do and what’s even more fortunate for us, is that we have a huge group of friends who love the snow as well. We’re totally biased but we think we have the coolest friends in the world (you know who you are). Every time we get together (and we’re talking from all over the world), we have an absolute blast. So much so that we’re left with sore cheeks and abdominals from laughing so hard. It’s a very special thing and has made for some ridiculously good times and memorable occasions including the time we got married and snowboarded down Coronet Peak in Queenstown, New Zealand. But that’s a whole other story!

After the UK, we moved to America and spent our weekends in winter discovering different ski resorts. A totally different experience to resorts in Europe but equally as magical. Not long after, we found ourselves giving up our corporate jobs and moving to Banff, Canada for a season which was a lovely long seven months. We had an AMAZING time. That’s where snowboarding for us became so much more than just riding the runs.

It came to be about exploration, about finding the next adventure and discovering so much more about nature and ourselves than we ever thought we could.

Fast forward a few years and we were back in Australia, working the daily grind but always still planning our next trips to the snow. The Northern Hemisphere in the Australian summer and Queenstown, NZ in the Australian winter. We soon realised that we wanted to spend a large portion of our time travelling and so spent the next six years figuring out how we could make that work. We took some inspiration from Jen's parents who took an early retirement and now spend their time travelling around the world. They didn’t win the lotto and they weren’t given a hefty inheritance. They worked hard for their money and made the right decisions allowing them the freedom to live the awesome life that they currently have. Oh, and they sure know how to make a dollar go far! This taught us that with some careful planning, we might just be able to pull it off.

We planned, we saved and we made it happen! We went on an epic 9 month trip through the US & Canada. We're currently in hanging out in gorgeous Queenstown, New Zealand which we'll be calling home for a while. We have no idea exactly what the future holds or looks like for us, but we’re so excited about what it could be.

Join us as we chase the snow and share with you our adventures and travel tips along the way. Keep in touch with us through FacebookInstagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Subscribe to our newsletter and we'll keep you updated with all our latest adventures and travel tips.

Mick & Jen