Backflips, Snowboarding & Kickass Videos: An Interview With Alex Clapin

Backflips, Snowboarding & Kickass Videos: An Interview With Alex Clapin

We first came across Alex Clapin through Instagram. Alex is a local Perth boy who's been spending the winter season in Vail, Colorado. He's a kickass snowboarder, surfer, overall adventurer and GoPro ambassador. We're blown away by his videos and if you haven't heard of him before, then remember, we told you about him first because we're pretty certain you'll hear the name Alex Clapin again! You're welcome.

Alex puts us to shame with all his radness (do people even say that anymore?) and we're totally jealous every time we see one of his backflips! 

We caught up with Alex to get the scoop on his life as a snowboarder and how he makes such amazing videos (check out his latest edit at the end of the interview).

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hey guys, my name is Alex Clapin and I am also from Perth in Western Australia! My favourite things to do include snowboarding, surfing and filmmaking.

Q. There’s no snow in Perth! How did you first get into snowboarding?

Unfortunately there isn't! I grew up surfing and skateboarding so it only seemed natural to jump on a snowboard. I did for the first time in Japan when I was 18... Immediately addicted!

Q. What do you love most about snowboarding?

The unique style that every single rider has! I love the way snowboarding allows you to express yourself and the absolutely endless progression possible!

Q. What advice would you give to a first time snowboarder or skier?

Get out there and give it everything! No matter where you're riding and who you're with, it's all about having fun on the mountain!

Why did you choose Colorado to spend this year?

I was here working in Vail, Colorado a few years ago and fell in love with the place! It really is like nothing on earth... As soon as I graduated my studies back home in Perth, I had to get back out here!

Where is your favourite place to snowboard and why?

Every mountain is so different and has so much to offer! I love riding the terrain parks in Australia and New Zealand, shredding the powder in Japan and jumping off cliffs in Colorado!

Those backflips of yours are outrageous! How did you progress to doing those on a snowboard? Did you nail it the first time?

About two weeks after my first snowboarding trip, in Japan, we decided to build a little jump into some fresh snow! I'd always been able to flip on a trampoline so I tried it and surprised myself by almost sticking it to my feet on the first try. Then it was just a matter of tidying it up and doing them as much as possible on different jumps and features!

You’ve had a few injuries in your time but it hasn’t held you back. What has made you ‘get back on the horse’ so to speak?

I've had a couple but so has almost everyone I know who snowboards or skis regularly! I broke my back in a few places a couple of years ago but I was lucky enough to recover 100% so it wasn't a difficult decision to get back on the board! I would like to say I take it a bit easier with my riding though since then haha...

We love your videos! Tell us how you got into that and became an ambassador for GoPro?

Thanks so much, I loving making them! GoPro just got in contact with me after coming across my YouTube channel and invited me to join their ambassador program!

You're pretty handy with a GoPro, what tips would you have for beginners like us for taking footage on the slopes?

My biggest tip would be keeping clips to minimal length! I learnt the hard way, but no one wants to go through and watch hours and hours of footage from a single day on the slopes. I try my best to only film a short clip when I know a friend is hitting a cliff, a jump or something similar. It definitely helps when it comes to the editing process!

Do you film exclusively with a GoPro? It looks like you use a drone too?

I try and mix it up as much as possible with a GoPro for POV and action shots, with shots in between using my DSLR. I have more recently been filming with a drone and its great to have the new perspective from up in the sky!

What editing software do you use? And how long does it take you to put together an average video?

I've tried a few and my favourite is Final Cut Pro in terms of its functionality and how easy it is to use. I can usually put together shorter Instagram videos in 30 minutes or so and longer YouTube videos in a couple of hours!

What’s next for you after this?

Still planning everything but we're looking to head West to the coast after the season is up to thaw out and surf for a few weeks!

What do you do when you’re not snowboarding?

I try and keep active by surfing and snowboarding! And for the next little while probably making some videos with all of the footage we got this season!

What you are working on now?

Next week we'll be in Moab mountain biking, climbing, boating and rope swinging! We're making some promotional videos for some companies out there so keep an eye on on my Instagram and YouTube channels!! It should be a really fun trip.

Where can we find you? 

My YouTube channel is:

And my Instagram page is:

Give me three words to describe yourself. Or three words that people would use to describe you.

My mum would say crazy, my girlfriend would say stupid and my mates would say fun! Haha.

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