Queenstown Nevis Bungy Jump and Swing - A Travellers Guide

This post comes to you from our buddy and guest blogger, Christian "Volle" Vollmert.

About the Nevis Bungy Jump and Nevis Swing

The Nevis Bungy Jump and the Nevis Swing are two of the main attractions in the area around Queenstown. New Zealand is a country of countless adventures anyway, but these two definitely belong to the most fun ones. They just stand out from all the others. An experience you will probably never forget. That’s for sure!

Nevis Bungy

The Nevis Bungy Jump is New Zealand’s highest bungy jump (134m). You have a free fall of more than 8.5 seconds, which is quite a lot. Before you get to jump, you are briefed. You get a short introduction of what’s important and afterwards, you get to the platform via a gondola. It will take a while until it is your time to jump, and the anticipation makes it even more exciting.

Once it’s your turn, you’ll be put on a chair. Your feet get tied up, you will step up to the edge, hear the countdown and just jump into the unknown. So cool! Check out my pics and video from my jump below.





Nevis Swing

The same thing basically happens with the Nevis Swing. It is the largest Swing in New Zealand and the most famous one in the world. 300m distance covered, 120m rope length, 160m above the canyon. The swinging itself takes a little longer than the bungy jump, because you have a bigger distance to cover. The procedure is pretty much the same, just that you have many different options on how you want to do the swing: forwards, backwards, upside down, 69, Honeymoon, etc. Check out my pics and video from the day below!

My recommendation: Choose upside down 😉








Both attractions have restrictions for age, weight and medical conditions. You must be at least 10 years old (until 14 with signed Parental Consent), weigh between 35 – 220 kg and you should dress appropriately for the seasons (no shorts and t-shirt in the winter).

Getting to the Nevis Bungy Jump and Nevis Swing

If you book the Nevis Bungy Jump or the Nevis Swing (or both), you will get free transportation starting from Queenstown. There is no other option to get there because both attractions belong to a private property. The buses depart daily from 08:40 am – 02:40 pm. The drive to the location where the Nevis Bungy and Nevis Swing takes place is a very cool experience in itself. The views along the road are really, really beautiful! Big mountain ranges, turquoise rivers and healthy forests all around make this a very scenic bus ride.

What time to go and where to stay

You can do the Nevis Bungy Jump and the Nevis Swing all year round. As previously mentioned, make sure to wear the right clothes. In my opinion, the best place to stay for this adventure is Queenstown, because everything starts from there and there isn't any other way to get to the actual location.

Queenstown generally has decent accommodation. From big hostels and hotels to homestays, Airbnb, Couchsurfing and camping grounds. It’s all there. But, if you have your own car/van to sleep in, just stay somewhere close to Queenstown, because you will save a lot of money.


At time of writing, the Nevis Swing costs $195. The Nevis Bungy jump costs $275 (there is a discount for students and children). If you want to have spectators around, you will have to pay another extra $50 per person.

Photos or video cost $45 each. If you take a combination of both, you will only have to pay $80 (save $10). All the digital material will be put onto a USB stick but if you want to download it online, you will have to pay another $20 extra.

As you can see, you will spend a lot of money on this adventure, but it is definitely worth it and a once in a lifetime experience. Do I think that the prices are standing in a good relation to what you get? Not 100%, but it’s quite close. The prices are really high, if you compare it to the fact, that you 'only' have a free fall of 8.5 seconds. But on the other hand, how often do you do this kind of stuff in life, right?

So, ultimately I think, just spend a little more money and have something to always remember.


There is definitely some stuff you should watch out for when you want to do the Nevis Bungy Jump and the Nevis Swing. I have realized some of that through personal experience and some of it through what other backpackers have told me. So, check the following list before you go:

  • Eat and drink something long before the jump/swing

  • Bring your own video camera + attachments to get your own close ups

  • Don’t leave anything in your pocket

  • Put anything that you don’t need aside (caps, rings, necklaces, etc.)

  • And last but not least: Stay calm 😉

A once in a lifetime experience

I honestly could not tell what was cooler – the bungy jump or the swing. Both have their own style. The bungy jump is done quicker, but you jump straight towards the ground, which is really frightening. The swing takes way longer and is something quite unconventional. And I loved the fact, that you have many different options to choose from. You can even do a couples jump! 😉

At the end of the day, both things are really special and I highly recommend doing them. I have wanted to do a bungy jump ever since I did my first skydive, so this was a dream of mine, which I have now accomplished. But even if this is not a big dream of yours, still do it. It is something you can look back on in 50 years and say: What a crazy adventure!

Check out my videos below to see both jumps. Have you done the Nevis Bungy Jump or Swing? Let us know how you went in the comments below!


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