Snowboard Tricks: How To Do A Backside Shifty

YouTube is such a great resource, well for just about anything. I came across this video while I was checking out tutorials on how to do a method. I thought it was so helpful that I wanted to share.

A backside shifty is when you twist your body in the air, so your snowboard is facing backwards with respect to your body, i.e. your board facing down the mountain and your body up. It's a stylish and fun snowboarding trick you can practice firstly on the ground, then as you ride before taking it to a jump.

Learning to do a shifty is a great progression towards a method. Now to put it into practice! I've managed to sort out my frontside shifties but my backsides need a little more commitment!

Do you have any other favourite videos? Share them in the comments below as I'd love to check them out.